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Click this link to get a Mermaid Wand   Make a $20.00, TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution to the Century House Historical Society  - an All Volunteer Organization which maintains The Widow Jane Mine and The A.J. Snyder Estate.  You can pick up your hand made, 2020 Mermaid Wand RIGHT AWAY at the Notary house at 544 Route 213 (under the Trestle) OR you can get your wand the Mermaid Desk at the Snyder Estate gates. Use the fundraising form below to ask friends to sponsor your march in the parade and submit your donations at the Mermaid Desk on parade day. THE PARTICIPANTS WHO RAISE THE MOST FUNDS WIL BE CROWNED AS OUR MERMAID KING AND QUEEN.  The mermaids in your life will admire you for it. If you need a copy of the form on paper, e mail Duffy using the Contact page of this website. 

The Century House Historical Society is administered in compliance with 501 (C) (3) requirements.

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